This is a service for online merchants (merchants, online sellers) that allows you to instantly assess the risks (likelihood) of fraud when paying for goods or services using a bank (credit) card.

Online sellers (merchants) can automate the decision-making process instantly based on the estimates of our service.
Credit card fraud prevention uses a proprietary algorithm to assess the risks that may arise when paying for goods or services online using a bank card.
Our algorithms are based on an assessment of known risk factors and use the required databases.
The degree of fraud is directly proportional to the risk assessment of the input values.
The higher the score, the higher the risk that this transaction (deal) is fraudulent.

The decision is made after the money is blocked on the payer’s bank card, before the money is transferred to the seller’s current account.

Online merchants can automate their business processes in real time (online, instantly)
This will allow online sellers to:

  • avoid losing income
  • reduce overhead
  • avoid “chardge back” cases
  • reduce the reserve fund

Integration with the “Online Credit Card Fraud Detection” service

  • connection of the option in the personal account
  • in automatic mode using API
  • manually by filling out the Online Form

To assess the degree of risk of fraud, you must provide the following parameters for an Internet transaction

1) information about the holder of the bank card (payer)

  • IP address of credit card holder (IPv4 or IPv6)
  • country of the bank card holder (payer)
  • Payer’s email
  • payer’s phone number

2) information about the bank card issuer

If the amount of risk exceeds a certain threshold, then it is possible to additionally verify the mobile phone number of the bank card holder by sending a one-time code via SMS.

Sending SMS is paid additionally. Prices for sending SMS depend on the country and mobile operator of the recipient.