Widget of Callback service from the seller’s website in online mode.

Will connect the client and the manager in 30 seconds. Will increase the number of requests from the site up to 50%. Collect requests for calls outside office hours.

An excellent tool for communicating with a client and increasing the conversion of your site.

Why do I need a Callback

  • To increase the number of hits from the site up to 50%
  • Managers do not forget about calls ordered by customers
  • Website visitors become your customers 24/7
  • To help “indecisive customers” take the first step to contact and then purchase

How the callback widget works

During working hours

  • The client leaves his phone number in the call order form;
  • The system instantly calls all available employees;
  • The first employee to pick up the phone is automatically connected to the customer.

Outside working hours

  • The client leaves his phone number to be called back during business hours;
  • The next business day, the system calls free employees;
  • The first employee to pick up the phone automatically connects to the customer.

Benefits for an online seller

  • Smart initiative increases sales

    Do you know what happens when you offer to call back your site visitors? You automatically receive up to 50% more hits.

  • Indecisive customers take the first step

    Buyers tend to hesitate. At such moments, the seller’s offer to call back can be decisive.

  • Visitors outside of office hours become your customers

    When you are not working, CallBack will offer the client to choose a convenient time for communication and will connect the manager with him exactly at the specified time. This will help keep the client, and the manager will not forget about the order.

  • Being punctual is easy

    The system automatically connects employees with customers. When ordering a call on your website, CallBack automatically calls back employees and connects them with clients. Exactly at the specified time.

Integration with Google Analytics – optional service upon request

Target CallBack in Google Analytics and see which advertising sources bring you the most customer contact.

CallBack service is a joint service.

For the joint services CallBack and WebCall to work, the following services of third-party telecom operators are required:
  • SIP numbers

    (en. Session Initiation Protocol).
    are needed to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls through a virtual PBX.
    You can connect to the Virtual PBX both your current and new telephone fixed (city) and mobile numbers from the telecom operator.

  • Virtual PBX (VPBX)

    Integration of the widget into the VPBX. Reception and processing of calls in accordance with the requirements of the online seller, including the use of forwarding schemes, general groups, IVR, short numbers. Competent specialist advice.

I) Tariffs for “CallBack” and “WebCall” services from Diginet Pro

subject to signing a contract for at least 24 months

Service name Tariff for 1 line
Online CallBack (Callback) (for 1 phone line) 100 lei/month
Call direct from browser (WebCall) (for 1 phone line) 100 lei/month

List of IP telephony operators in Moldova, from which you can purchase local Moldovan SIP numbers: