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We help companies that cannot afford large website consultants to promote their business with better website designs and effective search engine optimization. We are a digital marketing agency that mainly specializes in providing professional search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing and payment processing services. We provide complete advice and services to ensure tangible growth for our clients, which will increase their sales and take their business website to the next level.

Our approach

The digital marketing and e-commerce agency team is always passionate about their work and our website development company always offers solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. We pride ourselves on being one of the e-commerce companies as we always try our best to understand the requirements and expectations of our customers and provide a solution that meets their needs. Unlike many web development or programming companies, we not only focus on completing the task at hand, but also provide valuable advice and suggestions to our clients if we see any inconsistencies in the implementation of our solution.

How we are working

  • Requirements

    First, we define the requirements of your project and plan in detail the immediate future of the project, and then prioritize tasks in accordance with the expected completion date. You can also send us requirements for your project and submit them for consideration by our professional analysts.

  • Comprehensive analysis

    After collecting the requirements for your project, we conduct a comprehensive analysis to obtain good benefits and develop an effective strategy.

  • Discussion

    After a thorough analysis of the project, our certified professionals will discuss with you the needs of your online store, business goals and other issues.

  • Strategy and action plan

    After discussing the business goals and timeline, our next step is to develop a specific strategy. We think creatively and work well, so we draw up an effective strategy and turn it into an action plan to ensure a smooth workflow.

  • Development and testing

    At this stage, we collect all information and resources to create the final product. After completion of development, your project will go through several stages of testing.

  • Deployment

    After testing, we will make a configuration setting to publish the project. If any issue occurs during deployment, it is quickly handed over to the QA team and tested by QA until it can perform at its best.

  • Service

    During the maintenance phase, your project / product is constantly monitored by our certified experts to keep it at maximum efficiency.

  • Deadline

    Completing the project on time is our top priority. In this way, we ensure that projects are delivered on time using best-in-class development methods.


Service facturare.md and Chatbot for business

Dynamic remarketing for business

1C service in the clouds and Web Analytics for business

ACAP.MD website and AVIA.md website

  • Creation of the first version of the website www.acap.md
    Association of Accountants and Auditors of RM
  • Creation of the first version of the website www.avia.md for the sale of air tickets
  • Creation of the service “accepting payments for air tickets by all means available in Moldova”
    when accepting online payments, the payer could choose a currency convenient for him
  • Deployment of a fraud prevention service for online bank card payments
  • Start of work on the sites vernisaj.md (brand women’s clothing store) and calina.md (brand men’s clothing store), (2010-2012)

Culture and Leisure Program in Moldova

  • creation of a version of the program Culture and Leisure in Moldova for a TV channel
  • project support website competition in Moldova

Creation of a company and PALM in Moldova

  • Diginet company established
  • PALM sales arrangement in Moldova
    family of pocket computers and communicators running the Palm OS operating system
  • Creation of the first version of the site diginet.md
  • Creation of the first websites for business in Moldova