Our e-Commerce services and online solutions

Website Payments

We will integrate online payments for an online store in Moldova. Payment by card online. Online seller technical support.

Service e-Cont.md

Service in the cloud for issuing, storing and circulating invoices for payment between providers of goods or services (sellers) with payers (buyers)

E-commerce Web Analytics

Analysis of processes and targeted user actions on the site. Events tracking.

Callback Online

Button and web widget. Will connect the client and manager in 30 sec. Will increase the number of calls up to 50%. Collect callback requests outside the office hours.

Call from browser

Button and web widget to call the manager directly from browser. Simplifies communication of the client with the manager and increases conversion.

Call with One-Time Code (OTC)

One-time code via voice call. Verification of the customer’s phone number. Organization of Two-Factor Authentication.

SEO optimization

Raising the position of the site in the search results for certain queries.

Local SEO

Optimization of the site for local search results and requests from customers located nearby.

E-commerce SEO

Organic promotion of goods and services. Setting up Google and Facebook accounts.

Online Advertising Google and Facebook

Website advertising on Google and Facebook. Accounts setting up and audit.

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is suitable for sites with minimal traffic.

Dynamic Remarketing

Allows you to return the visitor to the site when a person “needs to think more”.

E-commerce sites

Creation of online stores based on 4 open-source self-hosted platforms (merchant hosting).

Social Media Management

Social media marketing is an effective Facebook promotion tool.

Online Marketing Strategy

We will prepare a marketing plan for online activity. Offer to use 6 digital marketing tools.

Facebook Business Chatbot

We will create a Chatbot specifically for your business and for your needs. In 2 languages.

Voice Bot

Voice robot for call automation. A set of scenarios for the implementation of various business tasks.

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