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Why do you need a digital marketing strategy?

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Without internet marketing strategy, your business won’t have a roadmap to achieve its goals. You know what you want to achieve, but you don’t know how to do it. If you want to invest in digital marketing, you need to invest in a digital marketing strategy.

CS-Cart – Platform overview

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CS-Cart is a licensed open source software. Solution presented in three forms: CS-Cart B2C, CS-Cart B2B, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. We can offer customization of CS-Cart for the Moldovan market and local conditions.

PHP programmer required – freelancer

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Требования: – обязательные навыки – хорошее знание PHP 5.x и MySQL 5.x – навыки Front End разработки – опыт работы с Bootstrap v3.x ( и jQuery ( – понимание работы с шаблонизаторами (Twig — Желательно: иметь опыт сопровождения проектов на LAMP серверах и их администрирование Оплата по договоренности CV…

Which is better for my site, PPC or SEO?

Which is better for my site, PPC or SEO?
This is a pretty big and important question to think about before investing in internet marketing! You may think you already know what you need, but doing more research is never a bad thing. So congratulations on being here, read this article!Before analyzing how to make this decision, let’s look…

Limits on the amount of data in Google Analytics

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В Google Analytics существуют следующие “Ограничения на объем данных” (на максимальное число обращений в день): 10 млн показов страниц в месяц на 1 аккаунт; 200 тыс. показов страниц в день на 1 аккаунт; 500 кликов в течение одной интернет сессии (не включая Ecommerce); 5 пользовательских переменных.