Voice Bot will increase the efficiency of your contact center and sales team by automating calls.

Voice bot abilities

  • Personalizing messages

    Happy birthday to customers, send them personalized offers, give discounts and give gifts on the occasion of the holidays.
    Take good care of your customers and they will reciprocate.

  • Service quality control and feedback collection

    Measure customer satisfaction with surveys

and constantly improve your service.
The voice bot will politely ask for feedback and listen carefully to the opinion of each client.

  • Verification of incoming requests

    Entrust the bot with the routine work of checking applications. As a result, only “verified orders” will be sent to the sales staff.

  • Instant order confirmation

    Immediately after completing the application, the bot will call the client to confirm the order and delivery options. The faster you contact a customer, the higher the purchase conversion rate.
    If the customer wants to change the order or ask a question, he can switch to the contact center operator.

  • Security and password change

    Notify customers about suspicious attempts to enter their personal account.
    If necessary, allow the client to instantly reset the password for the account.

  • Discount card balance or bonus points accrual

    Send notifications about the accrual of bonus points for the amount spent. Your customers will have a reason to visit you and spend the accumulated points.

  • Reducing the load on the Call Center

    Process up to 80% of “simple calls” without operator intervention.
    Confirmation or cancellation of an order, typical outgoing calls and incoming client calls can be easily processed by the bot without any assistance.

  • Alerts about upcoming events

    Automatically remind clients of an upcoming visit or important event. If the client wishes, the bot will make the necessary changes to the record.

  • Informing clients about promotions

    Automatic phone calls to customers will quickly tell about special offers.
    If the client is busy and does not pick up the phone, the bot will call back at another time.

What businesses might need a voice bot

  • Online shopping and retail

    • Verification of incoming orders
    • Instant order confirmation
    • Informing about the status of payment, processing and delivery of the order
    • Security and password change for entering your personal account
    • Discount card balance or bonus points accrual
  • For insurance companies

    • Providing information on available insurance policies
    • Explanation of the key provisions of the insurance policy, at the client’s choice
    • Reminder of the upcoming renewal of the insurance policy
    • Offer to renew an expired insurance policy
    • Providing information about health insurance coverage, for example, before a planned hospitalization
    • Acceptance of an application from a client to extend the term for payment of the insurance premium/li>
  • Passenger transportation services

    • Trip reminders
      Inform passengers in advance about the place and time of check-in, the gate or path number, model and make of the car, so that they know where and when to come and not be late for the flight.
    • Payment status and ticket issuance notification/li>
    • Informing about the amount of bonus points, about the accrual or cancellation of gift points and miles.
  • Car dealerships and car services

    • Notifications
      Inform car owners about the upcoming maintenance period, the readiness of their car, or the arrival of ordered auto parts.
    • Transaction support
      Inform customers about all stages of ordering and buying a car or part to increase loyalty and sales.
    • Promotions and discounts
      Offer car enthusiasts favorable conditions for buying a car on credit and free washing or installing tires for repairs for a certain amount.
    • Advertising new products
      Invite owners of older models to test drive new cars to show them the benefits of the next generation car and turn interest into a successful sale.
      Advertise the trade-in program – the purchase of new equipment, taking into account the cost of the old one, which the car owner rents to the salon.
  • Dental and medical centers

    • Patient alerts
      Reminders of the upcoming procedure they signed up for so they don’t forget to come to the appointment.
      Notifications of the need for regular examinations.
    • Promotions
      A message about a discount for a medical examination, individual medical procedures or tests.
    • New specialists
      Tell your patients about opening a new direction in your clinic, for example ENT or ophthalmology.
    • Opening a new clinic, for example in another area
      If the new location is more convenient, they may come by themselves or tell their friends and relatives about it.
  • Banks and credit institutions

    • Allowing a “simple request”
      balance check, card activation, password change, money transfers and credit card limit check.
      Advantage – saving the client’s time and reducing the load on the Call Center.
    • Notifications about the timing of payments on mortgages and loans.
    • Notification
      instantly informing customers about bank transfers, transfers and account status.
    • To confirm transfers and transactions for large amounts.
  • Restaurants and cafes

    • Promotions and special offers
      Tell your customers about promotions and discounts on food and drinks to attract more people to your restaurant and increase your average bill.
    • New position in the menu
      Notify your guests of the new dish to try it and leave you feedback and comments for the chef.
  • Telecom operators

    • Requests of SIM cards change
    • Troubleshoot device
    • Account management
    • Payment requests
    • Change of tariff plans
    • Service activation or deactivation
    • Corporate account management
    • Upselling and cross-selling

Why Diginet Pro bot

  • Rapid implementation

    We already have a set of ready-made scripts. All that remains is to download the contact list.

  • Reduced costs

    Fast and efficient voice bot Diginet Pro, according to our estimates, is 2 times cheaper than a call center operator.

  • Live technical support saves managers time

    Your customers do not have to listen to an answering machine, robot, or intermediate call center for half an hour.

Voice bot – only part of Diginet Pro’s capabilities

Diginet Pro is an omnichannel cloud contact center (*) with unique automation capabilities.
With its help, you can implement an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (Interactive Voice Menu) for incoming calls, make outgoing and trigger calls. The modern operator’s workstation allows processing requests from all channels in one browser window.
* Omni-channel marketing is the organization of seamless interaction with the client through various channels: social media, chatbots, website, online stores, mobile applications, call center, offline stores, e-mail newsletter, using any devices connected to the Internet: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.)

Intelligent routing of incoming calls

If you need a function of recognition and synthesis of human speech, then contact us.
The phone bot can easily decide which operator to send an incoming call or message to.
Ideal for shortening service queues.