Call from browser of website – WebCall

Button and widget on the site to call the manager directly from the browser.

It simplifies the communication between the client and the manager and increases the conversion from the site.

Calls can be made from a mobile phone, desktop or tablet.

The call for the client (buyer) is free, the buyer pays only for Internet traffic (mobile or fixed).

SIP traffic is paid for by the online seller (site owner).

In addition, not all visitors to your site are willing to leave their personal phone number.
The website call widget allows you not to lose such customers and give them a convenient way to contact you.

How it works?

1. A visitor comes to your site, clicks the “Call from site” button.

2. The widget automatically starts calling you according to the specified call processing scheme.

3. The client starts communicating with the company directly on the site.


  • The client calls from the site without unnecessary actions

  • Customize the appearance of the widget in the visual editor

What does it give you

  • Additional audience

    Customers who have not previously contacted by phone will be able to call you and discuss the benefits of your services

  • Mobile version

    Customers logging in from mobile phones will be able to see a customized version. It will be convenient to contact you from any device.

  • Call recording

    Listen to the conversations of your customers and employees, this will allow you to evaluate and improve the quality of staff work.

  • Flexible customization of appearance

    Use the visual widget builder and customize the template to your liking. The widget will organically fit into the design of your site.

Why us?


Diginet Pro company – we work in the field of virtual telephony services. We work with the largest telecom operators – market leaders in Moldova


The ratio of widget cost, functionality and conversion is the best on the market. You no longer have to choose between efficiency and cost.

High-quality technical support

Our clients will never be left alone with their questions. The best specialists provide competent technical support

WebCall service is a joint service.

For the joint services CallBack and WebCall to work, the following services of third-party telecom operators are required:
  • SIP numbers

    (en. Session Initiation Protocol).
    are needed to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls through a virtual PBX.
    You can connect to the Virtual PBX both your current and new telephone fixed (city) and mobile numbers from the telecom operator.

  • Virtual PBX (VPBX)

    Integration of the widget into the VPBX. Reception and processing of calls in accordance with the requirements of the online seller, including the use of forwarding schemes, general groups, IVR, short numbers. Competent specialist advice.

I) Tariffs for “CallBack” and “WebCall” services from Diginet Pro

subject to signing a contract for at least 24 months

Service name Tariff for 1 line
Online CallBack (Callback) (for 1 phone line) 100 lei/month
Call direct from browser (WebCall) (for 1 phone line) 100 lei/month

List of IP telephony operators in Moldova, from which you can purchase local Moldovan SIP numbers: