Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) services to successfully promote your business.

We develop and maintain company profiles on the Facebook social network that highlight your strengths.

We manage branded profiles and advertising campaigns to successfully promote your business and where your target audience is located.
Our SMM team will work with you to build a deep understanding of your ideal customer.
Our experienced experts research your industry, business specialization, audience and goals to determine the best options for your strategy.
This targeted content inspires your followers to engage and support your business.

SMM services include

  • Development of a promotion strategy in social networks
  • Setting up a company profile on facebook
  • Cover design and profile photo
  • Audit of account in Facebook social network
  • Content development for description of your company
  • Creation of original messages (posts) on social networks
  • Preparing custom images for posts
  • Preparation of monthly reports

Advanced social media services

  • Services of a personal account manager in social networks
  • In-depth analysis of competitors
  • Preparation and implementation of paid advertising campaigns on Facebook
  • Setting up feed for grocery ads
  • Embedding Facebook pixel
  • Setting up remarketing on the social network Facebook
  • Development and connection of the Facebook Messenger chatbot
  • SMM consultations at the request of the client

Reasons why it is worth ordering SMM services from us

  • Optimization of the promotion of your company in terms of time and costs
  • Preparing a competitive social media marketing strategy
  • Professional web analytics tracking of your account visits
  • Effective collection and optimization of your accumulated target audience
  • Tracking your competitors using our proven techniques
  • Create and improve social media marketing strategy
  • Continuous development and implementation of new methods and technologies for promotion using social networks