Accept Online payments on website

A successful online store needs simple and secure online payment methods.

Every online merchant looking to increase sales or provide convenience for their customers when paying should consider accepting online payments on the site.

To do this, you need to go through 3 important stages:

  • Select a payment solution provider

    there are 2 options:

    • acquiring bank

      direct payment solution provider, direct processor

    • electronic aggregator

      e.g., PayPal, Skrill, Square, etc.

  • Getting an Internet Merchant Account

    Internet Merchant Account is a kind of bank account.

  • Implementation of a Payment Gateway for accepting online payments

    It is a software application that connects a website to an acquiring bank or electronic aggregator.

We offer the following services to online merchants

  • help to open an Internet Merchant Account

    • assistance in preparing the necessary documents
    • preliminary check and consulting for site compliance with Visa and MasterCard requirements
  • connect the payment gateway to the online seller’s website

    payment by credit card through acquiring of one of the 4 banks of Moldova or an electronic aggregator

  • technical support of the site and its connection with the payment gateway

  • consulting for merchants on how to avoid chargebacks

  • offer online fraud detection service

  • internal site audit

  • online merchant consulting to maintain the site for compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI)

    PCI a set of security rules established by the Council of the Industry of Payment Visa, Master Card, etc.

  • connecting website of online merchants to various CRMs and accounting systems

The main features of our solution

  • an electronic invoice for payment is generated in one of 2 ways

    • manually, by a manager in the seller’s personal account

      from the console of the personal account of the Internet merchant manager.

    • by event via a special API

      e.g., from an e-commerce cart, Google Sheets, ERP, CRM, etc.

  • payment is made based on one of 4 types of solutions

  • to pay, the payer must enter the payer’s restricted area

    entrance to which is limited by the order number and the buyer’s surname (or phone number or e-mail of the buyer)

Advanced functionality for business. Capabilities:

  • Organization of a specialized platform based on 1C: 8 for a SINGLE accounting for receiving payments of the type

    • B2B (bank transfer from the company) based on Service

    • B2C (online payments, mainly for individuals)

  • Integration of ONLINE payments into the business processes of the company or into the corporate website: