Local search marketing refers to optimizing your site to appear in local search results.

Local SEO, unlike traditional Search Engine Optimization, is the optimization of a business, product or service website for a search query that depends on the user’s location.

Search engines use a user’s location based on IP address (for desktops) and geolocation (for mobile devices) to determine which results to show to the user.

So when someone is looking for a dentist, car wash, or locksmith, the search engine will display companies that match their location.

Local Google Search provides three opportunities for local businesses:

  • Organic Search Results – Website
  • Local pack – Google My Business
  • Search results in Google maps

If your target audience is concentrated in a certain city, area, around a major traffic intersection or a central street, then this is one of the signs that it is worth doing local SEO-website promotion.

For instance:

  • pizzeria
  • perfume shops
  • servicii și servicii de reparații
  • repair and services
  • food stores
  • household appliances stores
  • shops of industrial goods
  • cafes and restaurants
  • and others.

However, for car services, the situation is slightly different, since the client will be ready to go to the desired car service even across the whole city.

In conclusion, there is 1 more example of a local policy where users can also search results elsewhere by adding an area qualifier such as London Hotels.