Service – electronic invoices for payment

Issuance and circulation of electronic invoices for payment for business in Moldova

The project is developing with the support of UNDP Moldova’s programme
“Accelerating Digital Transformation in Public Sector in the Republic of Moldova”

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Basic Finctionality

Easy e-invoicing

Create professional and elegant looking invoices and easily deliver them to your clients. Send automatic payment reminders.

Various options of e-invoce delivery

Invoices for payment are delivered via API. Payment link send via E-mail and SMS.

Various payment invoice templates

Choose one of the templates that best suits your business.

Multicurrency invoices for payment

Possibility of invoicing for payment in different currencies: MDL, EUR, USD, RUR, UHR, RON and others.

Automaticaly and manualaly invoice issue

The invoice for payment can be issued automatically, for example by API or manually by the seller’s manager.

Email and SMS notification

You can track the statuses of invoice preparation and payment, as well as the status of processing an application or order.

3 language versions of the interface

Choose the language version of the interface that suits you: Russian, Romanian or English.

Adaptation of functionality to the needs of the company

The invoice for payment can be issued automatically, for example by API or manually by the seller’s manager.

Localization under the legislation of Moldova

The service – accounting of invoices for payment, taking into account the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

Built-In QR-code

Allows payers to quickly find and verify the validity of each electronic invoice.

Coupons & Promo Codes

Automatically create campaigns such as a welcome coupon for a subscription, Abandoned Cart, Christmas Sale and more.

Benefits for sellers

Faster payments. Reduced costs. Improved invoice reconciliation. Higher productivity. Increased customer satisfaction.

Benefits for buyers

Reduced costs. Increased accuracy. Improving the productivity of work with accounts payable. Faster processing and billing cycles. Improved invoice reconciliation. Better handling and prevention of disputes, Better relationships with suppliers.

Benefits for managers

Improved visibility. Optimized cash flow. Compliance for Moldova. Improving the relationship between the supplier and the customer. Advanced optimization of the IT system. Compliance with green initiatives.

Integration with the most popular CMS

WooCommerce (WordPress), OpenCart, osCommerce, Prestashop.

Integration with 1C:8

The service has an integration module with 1C, the most common accounting system in Moldova.

What is an invoice for payment

Exchange of invoice documents for payment between supplier and buyer in an integrated electronic format.

Elements of an invoice for payment

Invoice identifiers; Invoicing period and invoice validity period; Information about the seller and the buyer; Amount to be paid; Details of taxes.

Types of invoices for payment

Invoice; Commercial invoice; Credit note; Timesheet Invoice; Preliminary account; Regular invoice.

Service - e-invoices for payment