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Service and online store Rent 1C in clouds

Rent 1C online and dedicated server 1C

List of works:

Clouds.md – Rent 1С online
Programm 1C Enterprise in clouds.
from 290 lei month.
9 programs 1C in Cloud:

  • Accounting software (1C Accounting)
  • Accounting for trade enterprises (1C Trade and Retail)
  • Accounting for manufacturing enterprises (1C Enterprise)
  • 1C Industry solutions:
    • Plant growing
    • Livestock
    • Non-profit organizations (NPO)
    • Construction
    • Apă Canal
    • Pawnshop
  • Website: Clouds.md
  • Category: 1С Enterprise in clouds, Rent 1C and access via the internet, 1C accounting cloud, Dedicated Server 1C, Ecommerce, Electronic Commerce.
  • Date: October 26, 2016
  • Client: “AIS-Techologii” SRL