Internal Search Engine Optimization

This is a combination of actions to ensure that the website complies with the requirements of search engines.
This makes it possible to improve the position of the site in search results, increase the number of targeted visitors, and, as a result, increase the volume or quantity of sales.
To conduct these works, we recommend that you contact specialists with special knowledge and experience in complex work on the site.

What includes the internal optimization of sites

  • Troubleshoot site problems
  • Check the download speed of the site
  • Analysis of the website usability
  • Site audit, improved navigation for the convenience of the user
  • Checking the content for uniqueness, if necessary, creating new content
  • Website page optimizing
  • Formation of the semantic core of the website

Internal search engine optimization. Main stages

  1. Technical optimization
    – Analysis of the speed of the site load and, if necessary, making recommendations for its improvement
  2. Content Optimization
    – text analysis, and if necessary, text optimization for search queries
    – Analyze meta tags, and, if necessary, make adjustments
  3. Internal linking
    Linking pages of a site with each other by hyperlinks
  4. Compiling auxiliary files
    sitemap.xml and robots.txt to facilitate indexing by search engines
  5. analysis of site addresses for compliance with “human-understandable addresses” (CNC)
  6. Microdata generation

The introduction of microdata that make the site more visible in search results

What Search Engine Optimization Can Do

  1. Increase the “website visibility” to the search engines
  2. Improved positions, SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of Google, Yandex and other
  3. Increase in organic (free) traffic
  4. Increase the traffic of target customers to your website
  5. Improving of website downloadig
  6. Improving website site conversion
  7. Increase in sales

Why is it worth to trust us optimization of your website?

  • Your site will be handled by a team of experienced specialists
  • We apply unique technologies and individual approach to optimization of each site
  • The site will appear on the best positions in search results
  • Long-lasting effect from work

Price list

In order to correctly determine the cost of works for the optimization of the site, we need to make a detailed study of your website, create a preliminary plan to improve the position of the site in the SERP, in order to better understand the goals and methods for their implementation.