SEO audit of website

When you need SEO site audit

  • Is there a low or insufficient traffic on your site?

  • Сlients visit your site but don’t contact you?

  • You understand that it is necessary to improve the site, but do not know what the problem is with your site?

If at least one of the questions you gave a positive answer, then you need to order an audit of the site.

Types of website audit:

  • Website audit for compliance with the requirements of search engines

  • Technical audit of the website

    checking the site for errors in the site in terms of programming

  • Usability audit of website

    or analysis of the convenience of website navigation, its structure, interface, design and other elements

  • Marketing audit of the target audience

    clarify your target audience, and its needs. Analysis if the site meets the needs of the target audience.

Why do you need to contact us for website SEO audit?

  • You will receive a comprehensive audit of your website
    often we pay attention to the problematic elements of the site, which you did not even think about
  • We will provide a complete list of recommendations for improving the website
  • We will prepare options for solving identified problems


Each website is unique.
The cost of the audit is calculated individually, depending on the website itself, its capabilities, goals and objectives.
When assessing to account, there are such characteristics as: the size of the site, its current status, goals, terms of implementation and other criteria.